We design to invigorate.

We’re on a mission to transform your space from ordinary to inspiring. We strive to be your go-to place for cutting edge art & design that will express your unique personality.
When shopping for art, you’ve likely noticed that custom art is crazy expensive and mass produced art doesn’t have enough character. Art galleries have high markups and sales pressure while online marketplaces have mass produced art with limited design options.  We want to create a middle ground with transparent & affordable pricing on unique, high quality artwork that you can easily customize with the click of a few buttons. 
We created Pattern Shape with open-ended designs that you can customize with creative combinations of patterns, shapes, colors, and sizes.  Our designs are big, bold, and dynamic ranging from 1’ x 1’ all the way up to 8’ x 8’ because we want to invigorate spaces in all shapes and sizes.  Need something small and affordable for your new nursery? We got you covered.  Designing an atrium that would be captivating with an 18′ tall sculpture? We got you covered.  Whether you’re moving into a new space, making space for someone new, or just need a change of scenery, we’re here to make design easy, affordable, and fun for you.
Want something even bigger, bolder, and more custom than the customizable art that we currently offer? We push the envelope of dimensional design in our creative collaborations with interior designers & clients where we go beyond our wide array of design options to craft one-of-a-kind designs that you can’t find anywhere else.

The talented interior designers from Group 4 Design customized the Plank Sculpture to incorporate the black & wood tones from around the room in this eye-catching wall art.

We started with ideas in the clouds & have steadily figured out how to execute customizable designs in real spaces for real people.

When people thought our designs were too crazy, too complicated, & too customizable to fabricate cost effectively, we decided to cut out all the middleman markups to fabricate and ship unique designs directly to you. If we used typical manufacturing methods and sold through traditional retail / art galleries, middleman markups would drive the cost of our artwork up 4x more than what we offer on our website. So, how we can offer affordable prices on dynamic designs with high quality craftsmanship made from scratch every time just for you? We started by figuring out how to design, fabricate, market, and sell everything ourselves.

The whole process revolves around the fab lab that we created in our garage where we built a CNC (computer numeric controlled) machine from scratch sourcing parts online, watching YouTube videos, and tinkering away from dusk till dawn with no instruction manual. Our fab lab gives us the ability to sketch a design with pen and paper, draw it in the computer, translate our computer drawing into machine code, and fabricate the design on our CNC machine in the span of day…or an hour if we’ve had a couple cups of coffee. The whole design & fabrication process happens under one roof in Jacksonville, Florida where we put in a lot of sweat equity…especially during the summer.

This is the garage where all the magic happens. Our CNC Machine that we built from scratch is cutting out some slats for the Wave | Wall Art. It is by far the coolest robot that we’ve ever built…Also happens to be the only robot we’ve ever built (didn’t see that twist coming, did you?).

We built a website from scratch where you can customize each design with your favorite combinations of patterns, shapes, colors, & sizes. The website has an easy-to-use interface that makes our super complex customizations seem effortless (you should check it out, by the way…it’s pretty fun).
Now, we’re figuring out the marketing part of this equation, which is where you come into our story. If you love design and think it has the power to invigorate the spaces where you experience life everyday, we would really appreciate your support. If you would like to help support Pattern Shape, you can:
  • Purchase artwork from patternshape.com
  • Reach out to do a creative collaboration with us
  • Share patternshape.com with your social circles of designers, clients, friends, and family.
  • Join our Facebook group where we reach out to you for your design opinion on our works in progress and what we should create next.
  • Subscribe to our mailing list in the footer of patternshape.com for exclusive deals and to keep up with the latest art & design that we create.
Our friends & family thought we were crazy until we turned our sketches into prototypes and our prototypes into finished products. Now, we are proud to offer you unique, customizable, high quality artwork that will instantly invigorate your space. Skip the pressure you would struggle with in art galleries or the limited options of mass produced art from online marketplaces. Discover all the affordable designs with endless possibilities that we created for you to customize at patternshape.com.




Have fun designing & thank you for your support!


One of our most ambitious designs to date composed of sculptural wood slats that collectively express the dynamic waves splashing ashore.